Odor Removing Face Mask

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Product Description
Our Odor Control Face Mask-D is a smell neutralizer that uses our exclusive activated charcoal cloth just like our Flatulence Deodorizer. You won't smell odors!

Wear the charcoal filter mask for many Uses: While cleaning out ostomy pouch, Changing smelly baby diapers, for those not using the Flatulence Deodorizer pad, Not smelling gassy pets, for ANY bad odor gagging tasks, like cleaning up from flood odor, smoke odor and mold odors.

Many Types of Users: Nurses, Dentists, hunters, care givers, nursing homes, parents, co-workers, veterinarians, dentists, and anyone working around horrible - gagging odors. Mask that deodorizes human, pet, and chemical odors.

Dentists and dental hygenists can wear it and not smell bad chronic halitosis and dental caries. Our NEW mask will even absorb mercury, which is present when amalgams are drilled.

Hunters even use it so the animals won't smell their mouth odors or scent. So the mask can be used in reverse, others cannot smell your odor when you wear it.
  • Cleaning the kitty liter box
  • Caregiver
  • Morgue - funeral home
  • Nursing home workers
  • Changing a dirty diaper
  • Ostomy supply or when cleaning
  • Natural disasters
  • Hunting
  • Any foul odor situation or scenario

Protection from dusts, mists, odors, sprays, and vapors.

Single person use.

You may get several weeks to months of life depending on amount of use.

Comment: 12-01-2004 Stacy G. (new mother)
My son, Matthew, is four months old and changing his dirty diapers can be an unpleasant job. I tried your new product, the Mask-D, and I couldn't believe how well the mask worked. Normally I would be holding my breath or taking very short breaths through my mouth because the odor from Matthew's diaper was so overpowering. The Mask-D eliminated the stench from the diaper. Needless to say, I will be using the Mask-D whenever I change Matthew's diaper. In fact the Mask-D now travels with Matthew's diaper bag. Thank you for such a wonderful product!

*One mask per package

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