Odor Control Products
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Flat-D Mission Statement

It is the goal of Flat-D Innovations to be an innovator of solutions for flatulence odor control. We started with and will continue to maintain a serious medical approach with the intent of assisting those with digestive disorders. In order to maintain a life long relationship with our clients, Flat-D Innovations uses the highest quality materials available. We will continue to make a positive impact in people's lives so they will be more confident socially and have freedom from embarrassment.

Our values and beliefs about the Mission Statement:

1) Beliefs and Values: We believe in all of our products and the values that they have in the communities. Our products were designed to help people overcome embarrassing situations and improve their quality of life. Our company was started because we felt that this topic was not taken seriously and a large number of individuals were suffering without anyone caring. Our company is dedicated to our customers and strives to be the best in the industry.
2) Target Customers: People that have medical conditions or digestive disorders and want a solution. Their main symptom we fix is their excessive malodorous flatus. We reach our main target market by the Internet, medical communities, newspapers and magazines.
3) Basic product and service: Our main product is the Flatulence Deodorizer. All of the other products were derived from our original product. Our product was designed to eliminate the embarrassment or uncomfortable ness that is associated with the odor caused by Flatulence. This will increase their self confidence and allow them to be social again.
4) Why do customers choose to do business with us? We offer the customer a wide variety of choices and guarantee everything we sell. We offer reusable and disposable products. We have designed products to assist people that are obese or have had medical procedures done that have altered their lives. We consult with them to find the best solution for their situation.
5) What constitutes value to our customers? Testimonials, money back guarantee, standing behind our product, friendly and prompt customer service. Treating every customer as if they are our only customer. Improvement in the quality of life.
6) Competitive advantage : Our product is patented. Currently there are two other companies that produce products that have any association with our products. Our unique materials differentiate us from the competition.
7) Market: Our company maintains a serious medical approach to this universal problem.
8) Stakeholders: The owners continue this business because of the positive impact their products make on peoples lives.