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Product Description
The Flat-D Chair Pad is a thin light gray activated charcoal cloth pad that is placed on your favorite chair. The user is virtually unaware of its presence because it is thin and comfortable. It is also inconspicuous to others viewing it. The black activated charcoal cloth pad is washable and reusable. Many users get several months of use out of it. When gas is expelled the pad absorbs the odor normally associated with the gassy discharge or fart. This flatulence filter thin cloth pad has high absorption of flatulance odor or flatus. It utilizes the highest grade of activated charcoal available to guard or protect you for your bloating or digestion output.

Use on a flight.

Now you can use the benefits of a FLAT-D ™ pad on your favorite chair. This black, inconspicuous, thin (1/16th of an inch) pad is simply laid on your chair or wheelchair. Size is about 16" x 16" inches. Uses the same activated charcoal technology as our other products.
Wheelchair use

Comment on the Chair Pad:
I simply love it. It makes me feel comfortable in the fact that I can make all the noise I want when no one else is in my office and have no fear that anyone walking in afterwards will confront any embarrassing, ill odors of any sort. And believe me, with all the medications I'm currently on and with all of the people who come in and out of my office, that is a great weight off of my shoulders.
Pat F. Charleston, SC


I was skeptical at first but now I'm a loyal customer. The delivery time did take a little longer than I expected but that was the only flaw. Service was excellent, pricing is about right, and the product is the best there is. I can't say enough about the product. I really only get the chair version, but this works best for me. I no longer have to excuse myself 10 times after lunch to relieve myself or sit uncomfortably or in pain. This product works so well that nobody knows what I'm doing or have just done. Again, I was skeptical because my odors can be stronger then walking through a sewer factory. But nope. Flar-D grabs it all, leaving me feel relieved and not embarrassed. And also, it allows me to continue working without disruption. I'm able to stay productive and focused on my tasks and not think about any discomfort or how I'm going to excuse myself again.


I was totally shocked how long the Chair Pad lasted (about 6 months). I am extremely happy that is performed that long. I highly recommend it to my co-workers and brother. I had my doubts about it but now I am glad I tried it.
Greg G. Pittsburgh, PA

Roll-it or fold-it and take it when you travel in your car, bus, train, plane etc..(It can fit in a bag or pocket)

***Our Chair Pad is NOT a thick cushion that uses the old type granular charcoal embedded in a poly-foam padding. THAT IS OLD TECHNOLOGY! NOT VERY EFFECTIVE! Your gas won't be gone. Our product is very thin and does NOT make you sit higher in your chair either!

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