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Ostomy Odor Products

Ostomates Flatulence odor control products for colostomy and ileostomy patients.

- Does your ostomy pouch stink??
- Does your bag fill up with gas or BALLOON???
- Embarrassed to go out in public????

Flat-D Innovations brings the knowledge and strength of its flatulence odor control technology to the ostomy care product world. We utilize the best activated charcoal cloth and simple product solutions to give you a better quality of life (and no embarrassment).

Use our products with any manufacturers pouch. No more embarrassment with odor or ballooning.

If you have any unique needs for your ostomy, please contact us so we may custom make a colostomy odor care product solution for you. Ostomy odor eliminator.


"My family does not mind coming over to my house anymore. The Ostomy Vent Deodorizer plug neutralizes the gas coming out of my pouch and keeps it from ballooning."

Jeanne Springfield, MO


"My wife and I are enjoying the use of your Flat-D device (OVD- ostomy vent deodorizer).

We are flying to Italy soon and we were worried that during the long flight she would experience colostomy bag gassing problems when the airplane starts to gain altitude. Because there would be less air pressure in the plane and therefore a gastric bag would normally fill with excessive gas that would cause a leak with an unwanted odor while on the plane trip when the gas tries escape or leak from a sealed bag. We installed your product last week on the bag and gas has not formed in the bag at all and the released gas has not had an order at all. So we are looking for a normal trip to Italy with no inflated gas or odor problems thanks to your device.

Thanks again from Happy Ron."

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