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Foul vagina smells occur mostly because the vaginal area is being inhabited by a multitude of overgrown microscopic organisms. Yeast infection, grime, sweat and wiping in the wrong direction are some of the common causes of foul vaginal odors. Feminine hygiene freshness should be cared for in the same manner as one would care for underarm odors. A few comparable traits between underarm odor and vaginal odor are:

1) Normally in a closed environment -wear loose fitting clothing which is able to breath
2) Sweat- Shower daily and use 100% cotton underwear (Lacey underwear can be used but for short periods at a time)
3) Hair- trim or remove to reduce bacterial build up (hair will often trap in unwanted bacteria causing foul odors)

Underarm sweat glands are a lot like vaginal sweat glands. Odors are trapped and contained within the hair, which cause some of those unwanted vaginal odors. Normally people will not leave home without applying some type of underarm odor protection, such as deodorant, so why treat you vaginal area any different? Feminine Hygiene sprays often cause irritation or rash and can lead to some forms of infection, if not applied correctly. They also leave a cover up smell, which often will send a signal or raises a red flag to others. Cleaning is the key to Feminine freshness and avoiding unwanted vaginal odors. The more active you are (Biking, Running, Working out, etc..) the more attention you need to place on feminine hygiene. Flat-D Female products are hypoallergenic and don't require anything special and provide you with protection against unwanted vaginal odors, no matter what type of activities you do. Simply read the instructions and install - it's as easy as that!

Body odors such as feminine odors and flatulence are a delicate issue that you probably don't discuss or address openly. However, the word is spreading that we offer solutions to feminine odors, menstrual odors, vaginal odors and the odors from passing gas do exist! Flat-D specializes in Flatulence Deodorizer products, including choices designed to neutralize female odors. Testimonials

For women, the FEM-D, Thong-D and Overpad-D offer you doctor-recommended activated charcoal technology that filters out bad odors. The super-thin, patented deodorizing cloth deodorizes intestinal gas and vaginal odors, increasing your feelings of confidence, self-esteem and freedom. The FEM-D, Overpad-D and Overpad-Plus from Flat-D are washable, reusable and highly effective odor neutralizers. The Thong-D is disposable.

Try these solutions if you are or have ever been:
-Self-conscious about feminine, menstrual and intestinal gas odors
-A service industry professional (Physical Therapist,Hair Dresser,Dentist,etc), working in one-on-one situations
-Embarrassed by an experience associated with passing gas
-Affected by an illness or side effects from medications (High-Blood pressure,Cholesterol,Chemotherapy,etc..) that increase intestinal gas and the associated odors

Flatulence is a fact of life, but you can be more poised and avoid embarrassment by wearing Flat-D pads for women every day. They're effective, comfortable and free of side effects. Flat-D Innovations is here to help you get through these difficult times. ________________________________________________________

FEM-D -flatulence and vaginal odor protection designed for women

Thong-D -flatulence protection designed for thong underwear; disposable

Overpad-D larger, customizable flatulence and vaginal odor protection - can be cut to fit while you lose weight.

Overpad-Plus designed for use with a feminine napkin or incontinence pad

These products will give you confidence, self-esteem and eliminate the embarrassment caused by these types of odors. Our products do not cure the problem but can definitely provide you with relief from the symptoms and the associated embarrassing odors.

Read our complete white paper on female odor control problems. Female Hygiene

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