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Flatulence Deodorizer Products for Men

Men's ProductsThe average male passes gas about 14 times per day. This can cause embarrassing situations at work, while traveling and at home. Flat-D Innovations designed a line of patented charcoal-based deodorizing products to effectively conquer mans worst odor. Increased flatulence and gaseous odors can also be the unpleasant side effects of certain medical conditions and medications. Doctor-recommended Flat-D products allow those with gastric bypass, IBS, incontinence, etc. to live normal lives, free of embarrassing odors.

The product is my insurance against embarrassment! - Gary C., Flat-D customer

JUNE 2008 "Wonderful Product" Testimonial

I just wanted to email you and let you know how wonderful your product is.

I just flew from SFO to Rome then embarked on a sixteen day bus trip of Italy. I used the Model FD-R3P pads during the whole trip and it made the experience totally comfortable. I seem to generate lots of gas when eating certain foods and spices and with the pad it never caused me any embarrassment. I found that it works perfectly while seated on a plane or bus. It was not quite as effective when I was standing but that was not of concern. This product absolutely made my vacation and I just wanted to let you know that you have a new fan that will spread the word about your product. I am going to order the upgraded pad for future trips although the ones I had worked perfectly.

Thanks again for your tremendous products.



The Flat-D mens products provide larger surface areas for improved coverage and reduction of fart smells. Yet they are all very thin 1/16 inch and comfortable to wear and use. All mens products are washable and reusable.

NEW! Wearable protection for client meetings, travel, every day use

Chair Pad
With the Flat-D Chair Pad, men who experience odorous flatulence can sit with greater confidence at the office and at home! The Flat-D Chair Pad absorbs gassy discharge very effectively when placed on your chair or seat. At 16 x 16, the Chair Pad eliminates odors from gas wherever you are. It provides a long-lasting, portable solution and features patented, doctor-recommended flatulence deodorizers.

The extra large size of the Overpad-D is ideal for men who need more coverage and protection against odors from passing gas. In addition, Overpad-D contains patented charcoal filters that help eliminate incontinence pad odors. At 6 x 12, the extra large, washable and reusable Overpad-D can be cut to fit any undergarment or chair.

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