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Remove odors and scents with Universal Deodorizer

Universal Deodorizer ™ ProductsFlat-D Innovations Inc. has developed a new line of products for absorbing nuisance odors, like smoke, scents, perspiration, and mildew, out of your clothing. Click on the pictures below to learn more about each one.

Universal Deodorizer products use our special activated charcoal cloth to pull those smelly odors out of your clothing articles. Activated charcoal is the most effective odor removing product on the market.

Save time and money by simply putting your smelly item in the bag. In as little time as overnight, it will pull the smell out of the item placed within it. No need to go to the cleaners or use cleaning chemicals.

Use it to remove perspiration and fragrances and scents from your hunting clothes. The deer won't know you are in the area.

We offer 3 different sizes of bags - Clothing Carrier, Laundry Bag, and a Utility Satchel. These bags use our proprietary activated charcoal cloth to absorb and remove those unwanted odors from your clothing items. (shoes, suits, and gym clothing etc.)

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Universal Deodorizer

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We make custom special bags out of our material. Got an idea for using our Activated Charcoal material? Contact us.