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Feb 2023

This really works - I'm back for a second one! Honestly, it's a miracle.


JUNE 2008 "Wonderful Product"

I just wanted to email you and let you know how wonderful your product is.

I just flew from SFO to Rome then embarked on a sixteen day bus trip of Italy. I used the Model FD-R3P pads during the whole trip and it made the experience totally comfortable. I seem to generate lots of gas when eating certain foods and spices and with the pad it never caused me any embarrassment. I found that it works perfectly while seated on a plane or bus. It was not quite as effective when I was standing but that was not of concern. This product absolutely made my vacation and I just wanted to let you know that you have a new fan that will spread the word about your product. I am going to order the upgraded pad for future trips although the ones I had worked perfectly.

Thanks again for your tremendous products.



February 2008 New Testimonial - " You have changed my life! ".

Just one weekend of using your product and I am no longer a social pariah! There's no point in trying to be delicate about a problem like this I had gastric bypass surgery about 9 months ago and have beyond awful gas. There is nothing I can take (Beano - Gas-X, etc) that works. I have tried being very careful with what I eat (and I don't eat much!) My coworkers have been pretty nice about it for the most part, but I know it was hard to work in a small office with someone like me. I never went anywhere without a bottle of air freshener. My family complained all the time and I know I was an embarrassment to them. I sat at home in a room by myself a lot. In social situations, I would have to leave and find someplace to hide and pass gas. Fine if it's a public restroom, but not so discreet if you're in someone else's home. Then I ordered your product. My first day using it, and it was unbelievable. I'm at work and my colleagues are laughing with me, not running away! I can ride in the car with my family and keep the windows up! It's absolutely amazing. A bonus is the protection it also provides against feminine odor. I'm a new person and can walk free and confident in public now without fear of embarrassment. THANK YOU!!! D.M.