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Oversized Pad Deodorizer

Item #: OP-D

Product Description
For those who need extra protection!
Large 6" wide x 12" long Activated Charcoal Cloth Pad.
Includes 10 pieces of our exclusive double sided tape.
You may customize the pad to fit you better(cut it to size) Some people make it thinner between their legs, others cut it up to make several reusable pads. Shown with tape attached.

The Overpad-D is washable and reusable and many get several weeks of use out of the pad, depends on usage. When you are not using the pad- place it in a zip type bag to keep it from absorbing odors in the area. Now in light gray color, same as regular reusable pad.

Use it as a larger Flatulence Deodorizer or a small Chair Pad. 12" long pad

Those with incontinence may wish to purchase the Overpad-D Plus in which you can add your favorite incontinence pad like a Poise or Depends or Kotex. It has a strip of material that you can attach the pad to. See the link below to read and order it.

Comment on the Overpad: I decided to order your OVERPAD size to give it a try and I am excited to tell you that it definitely minimizes the odor. I am able to wear it across my stomach underneath my panty to hold it in place. It has made a tremendous difference for my self confidence. I can sit side by side with someone and not worry about the smell.
JT, Mobile AL

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