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Odor Removing Face Mask

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Product Description
New Black outer covering. 2 Plys of activated charcoal cloth- Better protection


Head Straps

Activated Carbon Cloth Face Mask will let you breathe when outside air is unpleasant, obnoxious or down right unhealthy. Applications are numerous, from hospital workers, homemakers, athletes, those in environmentally risky conditions, smoke allergies, sufferers of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), travelers, wherever fresh clean air is not available, the Mask-D can purify the air for you to breathe safely.

The activated charcoal cloth material is a natural antiviral and antimicrobial which is why it is a popular choice for face masks. Activated Charcoal is proved to be an effective anti-viral textile capable of capturing, retaining and deactivating a virus.

Light, comfortable, perfect for most health care applications giving exceptional protection against odors and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). But that's not all.

Smoke and smog, fragrance chemicals and baby diapers, beauty salons and airplane air, diesel fumes and hospital laser plume, cow barns and photo labs, from downtown LA to NY, these fit-in-your-pocket face masks give instant breathable relief.

Leaving on a jet plane, heading out into rush hour traffic, visiting sick friends, why not tuck one of these Mask-D (with activated carbon cloth) into your travel bag, glove compartment, or purse.

Single person use. Light to medium use. You may get several weeks to months of life depending on amount of use.

Colors of the straps or material may vary with supply

Care Instructions

Pre-wear Instructions: Wipe inside and edges of mask with a slightly damp towel to remove any charcoal residue shaken loose from shipping.

Intended Use: To eliminate smelling most odors and flatulence odor

Typical Care: Washable - hand wash in very light dish soap solution. Hang to dry or pat dry with towel. Don't scrub and crunch the mask.

*** New viral cross contamination cleaning instructions 4-2020 No need to wash the mask Simply spray it down with a 5% bleach solution to decontaminate. 5% will kill the coronavirus on inside and outside of the mask 5% bleach solution should be made in small amounts because it loses its potency after 24 hours. Hang to dry or blow dry the mask on high heat. The mask will last even longer with this new care instruction.

Life: The Mask-D should last several days to several weeks depending on amount of use Putting it in an enclosed plastic bag when not in use, this can extend its useful life. Heat to reactivate the charcoal- Medium heat with blow dryer may partially renew

Active Ingredient: Activated Charcoal Cloth, which is an inert, non-toxic material. Exterior cloth is a polyester fabric



This mask is easier to breath in than my KN95 mask. Good job.


I was able to go into a home that had lots of cats and the horrible odors associated with them. (I took the mask off to check the smell and was amazed how well this worked) So this mask should be able to handle a little coronavirus.

Jim, Phoenix AZ


This is an amazing mask. I can't smell anything when I have it on. You guys rock when it comes to odor control products. I can't believe all the items you make. IM TRYING THEM ALL!!!


I would very much recomend Flat-D to anyone who needs odour reducing equipment, I work in a Nursing home and had trouble dealing and cleaning up residents bowl movments and feared I was going to have to leave my job becuse of this. I purchased the Flat-D face mask and it made a complete change to my job. Im now able to deal with the obsticle i had with no more gagging or vomiting during cleaning a resident. Thanks to Flat-D, Im able to keep my job I enjoy. The mask is awsome, lightweight, folds flat to fit in a scrubs pocket, fillters 100%, comfortable and a all round excellent product and would not hesitate to purchase another when the charcoal filter runs out. I will for sure be purchasing another, even buying a bulk order of them. Customer service is awsome and very helpful and understanding to my situation. I got my product super fast. Flat-D is a superb company to deal with and highly recommended.

Scott N, Illinois

Comment: 12-01-2004 Stacy G. (new mother)
My son, Matthew, is four months old and changing his dirty diapers can be an unpleasant job. I tried your new product, the Mask-D, and I couldn't believe how well the mask worked. Normally I would be holding my breath or taking very short breaths through my mouth because the odor from Matthew's diaper was so overpowering. The Mask-D eliminated the stench from the diaper. Needless to say, I will be using the Mask-D whenever I change Matthew's diaper. In fact the Mask-D now travels with Matthew's diaper bag. Thank you for such a wonderful product!

*One mask per package

Important Details-

Life span depends on usage

Multiple uses

Soft and comfortable

Light to moderate use product

Washable and reusable

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