Odor Control Products
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CUSTOM PRODUCTSWe can make a custom product for your needs. Just call or email us ( info@flat-d.com ) with detail of what you want made. You can also fill out the contact us form on the top of the website.
We need dimensions and details of your project. Please give us 1-2 weeks for fabrication.

Here's a couple of items we have created:
-Foley bag cover
-Deodorizing bag (Now a standard product!)
-Bootie (for foot odor)
-Anti-tarnish bag
-1 square meter of Flat-D activated charcoal cloth material-black color
-Custom underwear
-Ostomy pouch cover
-Canine products

Flat-D Innovations is a leading manufacturer and marketer of odor control products using activated charcoal cloth material. We have several facilities that do different types of fabrication work.
Flat-D uses several types of activated charcoal cloth material. Review our products and descriptions to determine which type of cloth you may be interested in.
Our trained and experienced staff can help you select material and specify the details of your project.