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Flatulence Deodorizer - PREMIUM

Lasts longer - More durable
Serious Medical Product

Item #: FD-P


My job puts me in the midst of dozens of people daily. My IBS almost made it impossible, until Flat-D.
Sewn around edges - Lasts 2x longer
Same great activated charcoal pad
Washable and reusable for several weeks
Ends Embarrassment
- D.M.
Thank You
Product Description
The Premium - Flatulence Deodorizer Pad instantly neutralizes unpleasant gas odor without anyone knowing it.

The Premium is the same cloth pad as the regular Reusable. However it is sewn all around the edges and has a polyester strip up the middle where you attach the tape. This allows the pad to last longer and be more durable.

Some may think the Pad is a funny thing. But thousands of people worldwide rely on it to improve the quality of their life and not be embarrassed by their medical conditions.

The Premium - Flatulence Deodorizer Pad is a thin pad (amazingly only 1/16 of an inch!) containing highly activated charcoal that is placed in your underwear (men or women) where it is held securely in place with a strip of double face tape which are provided. The pad is totally inconspicuous totally washable, and reusable (20 double- face tape strips included). With normal use you can use the pad for as long as three weeks or more!

Hey, isn't it time to stop the release of unpleasant pungent gas odors? Our exclusive doctor recommended Premium pad instantly clears and sanitizes the air when gas is expelled. Without the tell-tale lingering odor that can instantly put you in a very awkward situation.

Order yours now, it's guaranteed or your money back!

Is embarrassing gas a concern for YOU?
Discreetly neutralize it fast with our Flatulence Deodorizer Premium Pad
-A doctor recommended way to neutralize gas odor
-Washable and reusable
-Perfect for IBS sufferers, gastric bypass surgery individuals, or anyone with excess gas

Passing gas (flatulence) is NOT a subject that people really want to talk about. Yet it is a part of the body's natural digestive process. Unfortunately for millions of folks, passing gas (flatulence) is a major issue and a major embarrassing situation that instantly can become very humiliating.

Why do you use charcoal in the pad?
Activated charcoal is one of natures top odor eliminating and cleansing substances known to science. It has the unique ability to absorb, filter, and cleanse many times it own weight. That's why it is extensively use in air filters to cleanse and deodorize the air. Our Premium Deodorizer pad with it ultra thin 1/16 layer of activated charcoal is just like a filter. When gas is expelled, our Premium Deodorizer pad instantly filters and deodorizes the gas BEFORE the air around you becomes noticeable to everyone.

What causes that embarrassing gas?
Lots of things. The over production of body gas can be triggered by:
-Eating foods that contribute to gas build-up like beans, fruits, vegetables, milk, cheese and a whole lot more
-Medical conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, lactose intolerance, diabetes, gastric bypass surgery and more.
-Side effects of medicines or even just old age.

STOP the odor, worry, and humiliation RIGHT NOW with our Premium Flatulence Deodorizer pad ! It's the sociable way to clear the air, and avoid a very embarrassing situation.

Size is approximately 7" long and 5" wide, shipping weight 3 oz.

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