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Odor Kleen Deodorizing Bag

Item #: OKDB

Product Description
1 bag in a package, with velcro patch for attaching it, and instructions.

Buy them in bulk at bottom of the page - Odor Kleen - 10 pack

Throw out your baking soda, air fresheners, and smelly sachets. Introducing the Odor Kleen Deodorizing Bag. It uses the latest activated charcoal technology in a very air porous bag
(Size 5" x 5") to eliminate nuisance odors. It does not mask odors with a cover-up scent. It actually removes and absorbs the odors in the area. It will last several weeks to several months depending on use.

Flat-D brings you another terrific deodorizing product.

Place one Odor Kleen Bag in any of the following locations:
  • Gym Bag
  • Refrigerator
  • Shoes
  • Drawer
  • Garbage Can Lid (trash can)
  • Diaper Pail
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Hockey, Football, Soccer Gear
  • CPAP

TIP: Works best in a small enclosed places!

Odor Kleen Deodorizing Bag For Refrigerator
"...I opened up my refrigerator and smelled NOTHING!"
Odor Kleen Deodorizing Bag For Sports Duffle Bag
Hockey, soccer, football gear odors

Odor Kleen Deodorizing Bag For Diaper Pail
Odor Kleen Deodorizing Bag For Bathroom Garbage

Removes excessive odor so when I open it up it doesn't kill me.

"I noticed an odor in our pantry area and after deep cleaning it, the odor was still present. A friend suggested I try a Odor Kleen Bag from Flat-D. I put one in the pantry and by the next day, I noticed the odor was gone. It is wonderful; I just threw it in behind a couple boxes of cereal and forgot about it. I like it better than the baking soda boxes; I don&rsqot have to worry about it spilling over.

Odor Kleen Deodorizing Bag For Gym Bag
I even threw a Odor Kleen deodorizing bag in my gym bag and in my 15 year olds closet. My son has a sensitivity to "shoe glue" so he can’t wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row, so needless to say, he has several pair of athletic shoes. Since he is very active in sports, his closet did not smell the best. I threw a bag in the bottom of the closet and have not had to tell him to "spray" (an air freshener) in his room since. I can even wash the bag and reuse it. It has been wonderful!"
Odor Kleen Deodorizing Bag For Shoes
"The Odor Kleen works great! We have a musty closet that we'd tried everything on: cedar chips, baking soda, air fresheners--nothing worked. Once we put the Odor Kleen in place, the smell disappeared.""

Nicholas Lesiecki, Tucson AZ

Odor Kleen Deodorizing Bag For Sports Equipment
Boxing Glove perspiration odors are removed!
My golves get saturated with sweat. The odors do become overpowering a couple days later. With the use of the Odor Kleen Bags, they do remove the odor. Having to put on the gloves normally I would hesitate putting them on. Now with the odor Kleen bags I don't give it a second thought.
Mike M.
Farrell’s Extreme Body Shaping
Highly intense cardio kickboxing class.

Odor Kleen Deodorizing Bag For CPAP Plastic Items
CPAP smelly plastic odor

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