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The entire American Inventor Presentation not shown to the American Public

American Inventor Presentation"(Click Here to Download)" the entire American Inventor presentation by Brian Conant. You must have Windows Media Player to view this. It is less than 1 Meg file.

Read the Blog about this situation at Reality TV Magazine

As inventors we must constantly be thinking ďOut of the BoxĒ thatís what makes us inventors. Creating products that will revolutionize a particular industry and change the future of mankind. Products are created due to three major reasons: recognizing a need: solving a problem and improving the quality of life. Brian Conant

Comments from our customers:

I just wanted to share with you that I saw on America's Inventions on ABC last night someone who was sharing about the Flat-D product. The judges made light of this and one of the judges said that people do not care about the smell it is the noise. I have to disagree with him. I am so thankful for your product as I use it regularly and now can feel comfortable about going out in public and visiting people again. I had gastric bypass surgery 2 1/2 years ago and about a year later I started having severe gas odor and it was horrible for me and I really suffered and was embarrassed. Now, I do the things I used to do and I tell everyone about these pads. My family laughed at first but when they did not suffer from my smell anymore they were quite happy and now they tell people about them also.

Just wanted to share that with you.


I just wanted to say that I just saw your segment on ABC's American Inventor and I really disagree with the judges...I think your invention is a GREAT idea! I think it's so smart and creative. :)



Did I see you and your invention on ABC's "The Amercian Inventor" tonight, March 24, 2006? The judges weren't too thrilled with your invention, but I LOVED IT!!! I will be purchsing some for my husband very soon!

Thanks! ANB