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Beano and Gas-x don't eliminate odor

Information about Gas-X


What is this drug used for?

Gas-X relieves the bloating, pressure, and fullness that result from gas. The active ingredient is simethicone. The drug acts on the surface of bubbles by reducing the surface tension and thereby disrupting or breaking the bubble. Simethicone is used for excess gas in the intestinal tract.

When these frothy bubbles are in the stomach or lower bowel, this medication helps the air be more readily expelled by belching or passing flatus. The drug does not prevent the formation of gas from swallowed air or from being created by intestinal bacteria. It does not make intestinal gases dissolve or disappear.

So it doesn't really prevent gas?

Some people may mistakenly think that simethicone prevents formation of flatus or rectal gas. It does not do this. The drug simply makes big bubbles out of many small ones.

Here's some info right from the Beano web site

Does Beano affect the fiber in foods?

No, Beano will not breakdown the fiber in any food. It works on gassy sugars/carbohydrates.

Does Beano work on gluten?

No, Beano will not work on any protein, including gluten. Beano only works on breaking down the large, complex sugars found in many foods.

Check out the Beano website and decide for yourself.

So what can you actually do to prevent smelly gas?

Thank you for visiting Flat-D.com site. We offer a simple solution that neutralizes the odor from farts. You can't hide the smell from the gas and the embarrassment associated with it.

A Flatulence Deodorizer Pad is a reusable charcoal cloth pad that is designed to remove the odors caused by flatulence. This charcoal underwear pad is designed to be taped to the under garments next to the buttocks area.

When you expel gas into the filter pad, charcoal inside absorbs the gas (including all the bad smells associating with flatulence). The odors remain safely trapped inside- and there is no odor, no rotten smell.

ABOUT FLAT-D: Flat-D Innovations, Inc., privately-held and headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is the leader in flatulence odor control products. Flat-D Innovations has helped thousands of people worldwide (USA & International) and has gained recognition among the medical community. The Flatulence Deodorizer is Doctor Recommended, Patented, Better Business Bureau listed, and has been proven to be effective against odors associated with flatulence. By neutralizing the odors, The Flatulence Deodorizer eliminates the embarrassment (caused by the odor) and helps give these people back their freedom. "The Flatulence Deodorizer is the simplest, non-drug solution for the most disgusting of odors (flatulence)". The company has expanded their offering to include chair pads, incontinence pads, and ostomy products.

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