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Carbon is Activated Charcoal

As the title state carbon is charcoal, charcoal is carbon. Our previous article went into a complete description of activated charcoal or carbon filter.

Here's a recent article on Gene expression technology and Vitamin C safety.

But while the UK supplement industry recommends an upper safe level of 2000mg vitamin C, or 3000mg for short term usage, a report last year from experts commissioned by the Food Standards Agency recommended that the upper level should be limited to 1000mg based on potential side effects like stomach cramps, diarrhoea and flatulence.

This shows that most any drug has a flatulence side effect.

There are several DVD movies out that have occurances of flatulence in them. Envy, Harold & Kumar Go to the White Castle, Johnson Family Vacation to name a few.

In Tom Wolfe's latest novel, "I Am Charlotte Simmons," Charlotte's physical beauty and purity attract three very different young men. Her brainpower also impresses two of them. Charlotte at first clings to her strict Christian upbringing, and cringes at the realities of life at Dupont in a co-ed dormitory, where nudity, flatulence and foul language are fixtures in the shared bathroom. Soon her skinny, snooty, wealthy roommate Beverly "sexiles" Charlotte from their room for some night-time amour, though Beverly usually spends nights elsewhere.

These were a couple of timely news items on the internet lately.

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