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Millions Affected By Digestive Disorders

Each year, millions of Americans are diagnosed with digestive disorders, ranging from the occasional upset stomach to the more life-threatening colorectal cancer. They encompass disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas. Some of the more common types of digestive disorders are Diarrhea, Diverticular Disease, Heartburn, Inflammatory bowel diseases, Irritable bowel syndrome, Lactose Intolerance and Stomach / Duodenal ulcers. These diseases affect sixty to 70 million people and account for approximately 50 million dollars in physician office visits per year. Thirteen percent of all hospitalizations are for digestive disorders. Most digestive diseases are very complex, with subtle symptoms, and the causes of many remain unknown. They may be inherited, or develop from multiple factors such as stress, fatigue, diet, or smoking. Abusing alcohol imposes the greatest risk for digestive diseases. Living with digestive disorders are not easy. People have multiple problems with gas such as burping, loud growling noises from the stomach or flatulence. These aliments are uncomfortable and embarrassing. Many of these people end up finding themselves isolated in their own homes.

At Flat-D Innovations we know we can’t cure the disorder but we can help people manage it....without the use of drugs, supplements or medicine. Flat-D Innovations is here to improve your “Quality of Life”.

ABOUT FLAT-D: Flat-D Innovations, Inc., privately-held and headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is the leader in flatulence odor control products. Flat-D Innovations has helped thousands of people worldwide (USA & International) and has gained recognition among the medical community. The Flatulence Deodorizer is Doctor Recommended, FDA Registered, Patented, Better Business Bureau listed, and has been proven to be effective against odors associated with flatulence. By neutralizing the odors, The Flatulence Deodorizer eliminates the embarrassment (caused by the odor) and helps give these people back their freedom. “The Flatulence Deodorizer is the simplest, non-drug solution for the most disgusting of odors (flatulence)”. The company has expanded their offering to include chair pads, incontinence pads, ostomy products, and even canine gas deodorizing diapers.

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