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Three Major Causes for Intestinal Gas

There are three ways that intestinal gas can be produced in the Gastrointestinal tract. The first is dietary, by production of gas inside the intestine. The breakdown of food in the lumen by bacterial metabolism can produce hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide. Hydrogen is produced by eating fermentable materials, such as carbohydrates and amino acids. Hydrogen is also produced in large quantities by eating certain fruits and vegetables such as baked beans (cabbage, broccoli).

Some people have a condition known as lactose intolerance. Which is a condition targeted toward milk related products (milk, ice cream, cheese, etc…). Large sugar molecules of disaccharide (lactose) are not absorbed as they travel to the colon where they are fermented to hydrogen gas.

The second cause of excessive intestinal gas in the GI tract is caused by aerophagia. This is the simple process of swallowing air as you eat or drink. Some people with an over-production of saliva can have aerophagia caused by their constant swallowing. Loose dentures can cause aerophagia as well. In the majority of cases people with this problem normally expel the gas by burping rather than passing through the entire intestine.

The third cause is side effects caused by certain medications such as antibiotics or cholesterol lowering drugs. These medications cause gas to enter the lumen from the blood stream. This is a diffusion of gas into the lumen by varying intestinal pressures. These drugs that selectively inhibit bacterial hydrogen breakdown noticeably increase the amount of hydrogen excretion (flatulence).

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