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Flat-D Innovations, Inc.
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Web Site: www.flat-d.com
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Brian Conant- President – Brian@flat-d.com
Frank Morosky- Vice President - Frank@flat-d.com

Most information is available on our web site www.flat-d.com For ease of reference, we include similar summarized data here. We are available for interviews by phone, just call or write. Thank you for your interest.

Over 44 Million Americans suffer some affliction leading to excessive Flatulence (Gas). Many afflicted remain trapped in their homes, fearing the Public Embarrassment they feel from excessive gas odor. Revolutionary FLAT-D ends the Embarrassment by Absorbing and Eliminating the Odor from Flatulence!

Who needs FLAT-D odor control?  People with various medical conditions or taking medications for the conditions

o HIV & related illnesses
o Irritable Bowel Syndrome
o Colitis
o Crohn’s Disease
o Diabetes
o Lactose Intolerance
o Malabsorptive Syndrome
o Gastric Bypass

 People taking Medicines such as Antibiotics, Antiviral and Cholesterol lowering drugs may cause gas
 Vegetarians and ethnic foods fans
 Training industry (teachers, students, actresses, actors etc…)
 Professional and Business people (Doctor, Dentist, Lawyer, Sales, Cashier, etc…)
 People concerned at most social situations (job interview, first date, etc…)
 Anybody working in a one on one situation (Physical Therapist, Counselor, Teacher etc)
 Anybody working in a confined area (News Anchor, Pilot, Taxi driver, DJ, etc…)

FLAT-D uses Revolutionary Deodorizing Technology Developed for Chemical Warfare Our material is a high tech filtering media originally developed for the British Chemical Defense Establishment, to provide protection to its soldiers against nerve gas and other toxic vapors associated with chemical warfare. This Activated Charcoal Cloth (ACC) is 100% activated charcoal and produced in a flexible textile form. It absorbs more effectively than any granular form of activated charcoal due to its micro-porous character and high internal surface area. This material absorbs odors more effectively, per unit area, than any other known agent can absorb. This material can be washed and dried without losing its effectiveness. This material is hypoallergenic, lightweight, extremely thin (1/16th of an inch), breathable, washable and reusable. Activated charcoal absorbs the gaseous materials at a micro level, much like sponge absorbing water. Activated charcoal holds onto the material it has absorbed without risk to the environment. The medical community knows the odor absorbing qualities of activated charcoal.

The Flat-D™ (Flatulence Deodorizer™) Product
You may have noticed the logo is a thin, shadowed article, just like the Flat-D itself. It is the first and only patented product (U.S. Patent # 6,313,371) of its kind on the market today. Product category: Personal Care Product • Thin, flexible, and lightweight pad (1/16” thick) • Portable (put it in pocket or purse) • Immediate installation & Immediate results (worn taped inside your normal undergarment) • Economical (less than $20) • Safe for the skin (everything is hypoallergenic) • Comfortable and Inconspicuous (you are virtually unaware of it) • Reusable – Washable • It is a laminated product. The top and bottom are a polyester material similar to the material bandages are made of. The middle fabric is the ACC that is the active ingredient.

No Change to Your Lifestyle – But it Will Change Your Life! NO Drugs, NO Medicine, NO Dietary Supplements or NO Diets (which are marginally effective) NO Special Clothes (No special underwear or a fixed location like a chair cushion) NO Mess, NO Residue Insurance against embarrassment! Satisfaction GUARANTEED – Or Your Money Back!

BOTTOM LINE-- IT WORKS! – You Don’t Have to be Embarrassed Anymore!

Inventor/ President
Brian Conant (45) of Mililani, HI is the developer and patent holder of this product. The Flatulence Deodorizer, U.S. Patent #6,313,371 is Brian’s 3 year conception that was inspired by his wife Myra. Brian has been employed by the United States Postal Service for 25 years, of which, the last 18 years has been in a Supervisory position. He recently retired from the Hawaii Army National Guard after serving 23.5 years so he could tend to the growing demands of the business. It was there, where Brian came up with the idea for the Flatulence Deodorizer (known today as the Flat-D). During a simulated Chemical attack, Brian and few other soldiers were tasked to complete their mission, while wearing Chemical protective clothing. While wearing the clothing he released gas and noticed that he couldn’t smell any odor nor could anyone else. But it wasn’t until one morning when Brian’s wife had an episode of gas did Brian make the connection. Brian’s wife made a statement that would set the wheels in motion. She said “Too bad there’s not underwear that can be worn and you don’t have to worry about the odor”. After hearing that statement Brian began to think of a way to make that idea into a reality. Experiments were conducted with samples of material, used in chemical protective clothing. Our test conclusions came up with the idea of using a small pad instead of a complete pair of underwear. By creating a unisex / universal type pad we could offer the product to all types of people at a reasonable cost (as compared to the activated charcoal underwear). Also by using a small pad he was able to reduce the heat significantly that was created by the activated charcoal underwear. It also proved to be a more practical, economical and user friendly way to arrive at the same goal, which was to eliminate odor. Through prototypes, experiments and refinement he developed the product we know of today. * Brian has been married for 22 years, has three children and resides in Mililani, Hawaii.

Vice President
Business Operations & Marketing
Frank Morosky of Cedar Rapids, IA is the business and marketing leader of the company. With 20+ years experience in industrial sales and marketing he has been able to start this successful venture from the ground up. He has a BA and an MBA to his credits and is an Adjunct Marketing Professor at a Kirkwood College. Frank brings experience, credibility and professionalism to Flat-D Innovations, Inc. He manages the day to day operations of the business. Marketing, manufacturing, fulfillment, and the website are the areas he has developed the systems and controls. Many of the other products that the company has developed are Frank’s variation on Brian’s original patent. He is currently writing a book on starting a business venture from the ground-up on a shoestring budget. He also consults start-up entrepreneurs. *Frank has been married for 20 years, has 2 children, and lives in Cedar Rapids, IA. He was originally from the Chicago area.

Description of the Company
Flat-D Innovations, Inc. has been in business since October 2002 and is a company specializing in the manufacturing, marketing and retailing (via internet) of flatulence deodorizing products and accessories. Our product line was developed to assist people with ailments that caused excessive gas. We all know about and have flatulence but the most common thought that comes to your mind is the smell or odor associated with it. This odor causes embarrassment and our products eliminate the odor therefore eliminating the embarrassment. Flat-D Innovations, Inc. intends to capitalize on the success of the personal hygiene/care products industry, as it is one of the fastest growing business sectors of the economy. We have grown rapidly in our year and a half. We expect with distribution in the Walgreen’s Drug Store chain and our efforts via internet, radio and television this product will grow more rapidly in popularity. Our goal is to revolutionize the personal hygiene industry, just as the under-arm deodorant once did. Our products are changing people’s lives without changing their lifestyles. Our products require no special clothing or diet and you get immediate results.

- Orders have been sent to every state in the USA - International orders from 30 countries

Our products are serious in nature and our goal is to help those who are in need. Our data has shown during our December months that individuals have purchased the product as a grab bag gift. This product has never been nor will it ever be solicited in that manner but we know that people have purchased it for that purpose.

Mission statement
Our company’s mission is to change people’s lives without changing their lifestyles and offer them a better quality of life. Eliminate embarrassment and provide freedom.

Flatulence odor control products for those who care!

Products we make
The company has developed several other products-
Premium Flat-D - wash it over and over
Chair Pad - sit on it
Disposable Flat-D - simply throw it out
Over-Pad-D - Gastric bypass
Custom products are also available
De-odorizing Discs- small scented discs
Extra tape- to extend the life of the product
Ostomy products