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Odor Mesh absorbs smelly odors

Item #: OMESH

Product Description
You get 4 pieces of 6" x 12" Odor Mesh material

This 1/8 inch thick mesh material has activated charcoal impregnated in it. Making it a very breathable and efficient way to deodorize and allow air to flow in and out of the malodorous area.

The Odor Mesh product is an alternative for the Odor Kleen bag. If you have moist shoes or boxing gloves, then an Odor Mesh will allow the moisture out and at the same time deodorize the article.

Roll the Odor Mesh material into a tube and place it into the boxing glove or hockey skate. This will allow moisture out and it will remove the odor.

Place the Odor Mesh strategically in your gym bag or gear bag to pull the odor out of your pads and gear.

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