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Pouch Vent Disk

Item #: PVD

Product Description
10 Disks (1" Diameter) per package (adhesive tape already attached)

Great economical replacement for the Osto-EZ-Vent and the Ostomy Vent Deodorizer.

*Pouch Vent Disk can be used with any manufacturer's ostomy pouch.
**Used to continuously deodorize flatus gas and no ballooning
***Proven Activated Charcoal venting system

Recent Feedback:

I really love your product! thank you so much for this. it has really helped me deal with the only problem I really ever had issues with regarding my ostomy. My pouch would ballon and burst at night, making a horrible mess in the bed and an even worse way to be awaken! Thank you for your commitment to improving the quality of our lives. TT

After successful testing and customer feedback, we are pleased to offer this simple unique economical deodorizing device.

Pouch Vent Disk is easily attached to any manufacturer's ostomy pouch to eliminate ballooning and deodorize the gas coming out of the pouch.
Low-profile (1/8" high) economical design is easily attached. Each disk easily lasts for the life of a pouch.
FYI--If you get fecal matter on the inside of the filter- just poke another hole and attach a new Pouch Vent Disk on the pouch!!!

-Poke 1/8" hole in pouch (in upper quadrant of bag)
-Peel Pouch Vent Disk off backing paper
-Place sticky side of Pouch Vent Disk over hole, line it up with the hole on the underside of the PVD (Mount it on the outside of the pouch)
-Put pouch on

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