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Stoma Gas Deodorizing Patch

Item #: SGDP

Product Description
This product was designed ONLY for people that have colostomies and can irrigate their stoma. This is a small patch 2"x2" that is made out of our exclusive activated charcoal cloth. A colostomate wears this instead of a gauze patch. The patch deodorizes gas coming out of the stoma.

You get 10 reusable patches in each package With complete instructions

Customer's testimonial below--

In 1980 I under went colon rectal surgery and had a permanent colostomy done. My leakage is under control and I tape a 2”x 2” piece of gauze over the stoma opening and irrigate daily. However, I had problems with flatulence / gas. Since I could not control the leakage of gas… there were times when the discharges caused embarrassment.

While watching a local news health program (in Hawaii), I saw a segment talking about the Flatulence Deodorizer, a product used to control odors cause by flatulence. I contacted the inventor (Brian Conant) and asked if he could assist me with my condition. Brian was extremely helpful and informed me about the benefits of using the product. Brian suggested taping the Flatulence Deodorizer material over my stoma to eliminate the odor. To tell you the truth, the product really helped eliminate the unpleasant odors and the embarrassment associated with my uncontrollable flatulence.

H.Mitsunaga (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Great Website---

A Guide To Living With A Stoma



Picture of unprotected stoma opening

For patients that irrigate...
common practice is to use a piece of gauze to cover the opening

Using a Stoma Gas Deodorizing patch
to absorb gas odor and to conceal the opening

Instructions for:

The Stoma Gas Deodorizing Patch:

Note: The Stoma Gas Deodorizing Patch can be used by itself
or in conjunction with a piece of gauze.
Gauze first, Stoma Gas Deodorizing Patch over the gauze.

1) Open the package,remove the instructions
and remove the Stoma Gas Deodorizing Patches.
2) Read the instructions carefully
3) Remove old gauze from stoma area
4) Clean stoma area
5) Cut four (4) pieces of tape 2.5 inches long
6) Apply one (1) piece of tape to the edge of
the Stoma Gas Deodorizing Patch
7) Place the Stoma Gas Deodorizing Patch over
the stoma (covering it completely)
8) Using the three (3) remaining pieces of tape,
seal the three (3) remaining sides of the
Stoma Gas Deodorizing Patch.

Note: Seal must be formed around the stoma to avoid any leakage.

Note: Patch is reusable and can be washed in cold water with a mild detergent.

Product is made from a hypoallergenic material
Caution: Discontinue use if skin around the stoma area becomes irritated

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