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Here is where the tape goes.

Tape placementThe tape goes in the center of the unit.


Rinse FLATULENCE DEODORIZER in cold water and let dry (Optional) (this will eliminate any carbon residue and will reduce the stiffness of the FLATULENCE DEODORIZER) To secure your FLATULENCE DEODORIZER to your underwear- (Use the double-sided hypoallergenic tape)

Place the FLATULENCE DEODORIZER on a flat horizontal surface.

Remove liner from one side of the double-sided tape.

Place tape (28) in the center of the FLATULENCE DEODORIZER (18)(as in the picture)

Take the liner off the exposed side of the tape

Place FLATULENCE DEODORIZER, tape side down, (use tape at own risk) on the panties or briefs in the desired location. (centered around the anus) (see picture below)