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Ostomy Vent Deodorizer

Item #: OVD

Product Description
This black disk device is placed on the Osto-EZ-Vent (sold separately) to deodorize the gas coming out of the vent. The Osto-EZ-Vent can be installed on any manufacturers pouch. It allows the gas to come out of the pouch. Then after the Ostomy Vent Deodorizer is installed, deodorizes gas exiting the pouch.
Colostomates and Ilesostomates - is gas odor and build up a problem? This is an ostomy supply device to control the odor and ballooning of your ostomy pouch. Colostomy care and ileostomy odor control is the goal of our product. Uses the same activated charcoal cloth as our popular Flatulence Deodorizer.

I have used it for 4 days now and do not notice any odor from the Osto-EZ-Vent™ . I now feel fresher and cleaner with this little charcoal deodorizer. Also I am much more confident when I am in close contact with other people and relatives. Not having to wonder if odor is present can be an ongoing problem and can be a very embarrassing problem. Thank you so much again- a satisfied customer- who will continue to use your product.
Annette, West Islip, NY

I have an ileostomy and have been using your Ostomy Vent Deodorizer for years, ever since I found out about its existence. It enables me to sleep without worrying about my pouch over-filling with gas. I actually put a small piece of toilet paper inside the vent deodorizer, in case output gets on the vent deodorizer. GP

Place Ostomy Vent Deodorizer over Ostomy Vent
Total height of the device is less than 1/2"
Now, the gas odor leaving the pouch will pass through the deodorizing vent plug and will not enlarge the pouch like a balloon.
Ostomy Vent Deodorizer will deodorize the gas coming out. Can be used from bag to bag, or it will last for several bag changes.

New Feature: Washable- If fecal matter contaminates filter cloth, just wash it off. Run a stream of water backwards thru the filter(from outside to the inside). Let it dry overnight.
Washing does not harm deodorizer filter cloth.

You get 5 x Ostomy Vent Deodorizers* with instructions

*Patent pending

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