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Odor Containment Bag - Medium

Item #: OCB-4x6

Product Description
The Odor Containment Bag is the most effective odor eliminating carrying case on the market today. Made out of military grade, activated charcoal-infused cloth, the OCB filters the scents and smells of the bag's contents, leaving you and your things odor free.

Worried about spilling or slippage? Equipped with two industrial strength velcro seals, the OCB calms any of those concerns, while remaining easily accessible to the user. Available in multiple sizes, all in black, the OCB is both practical and inconspicuous.

If you've ever had fresh and strong smelling herbs or teas, and been left with an embarrassing odor emanating from your pocket or handbag, the OCB will be your ultimate peace of mind. Want to hide the dog treats from your overly curious pup? The OCB has been proven effective when tested with multiple, specially trained canines, so Fido definitely won't be finding them!

Strong odor emitting medicines or health supplements contaminating the change of clothes in your backpack? Not a problem, just put it in a plastic bag, and into the OCB, and goodbye odor! Perfect for close quarters like a subway car, taxi, bus, or elevators, avoid attracting unwanted attention from others by never leaving home without your OCB. Easily hand-washable, reusable, and most importantly effective, the OCB will have you wondering why it took you so long to get one in the first place!

From the inventors of the Flatulence Deodorizer (www.Flat-d.com) comes the revolutionary new product: The Odor Containment Bag. Exclusively manufactured in Honolulu, Hawaii, where Hawaii has proven to have some of the best herbs. Absolutely the strongest odor containment bag known to man!! A small, lightweight bag made out of a high quality activated charcoal cloth. The OCB significantly reduces and absorbs the odors of its contents, to the point that virtually no human nose can detect what is inside. This material is so effective that specially trained canines also find it extremely difficult to identify the inner contents of the bag. We have performed 13 experiment with 11 specially trained canines and these bags have proven to be invincible. Even through extensive testing, with specially trained dogs, these bags has never failed!!***

* Disclaimer: Flat-D Innovations is not responsible for anyone using this product to engage in illegal activities.

* Purchase the OCB at your own risk.

*** All experiments involving the canines were conducted in a sterile and controlled environments.

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