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Item #: Vent-D


Your product is AMAZING!!!! I have spent so much money trying to get clean air in my house, and your product did it - at a fraction of the other costs!! I have used expensive light bulbs , have had duct cleaning, but your product did the trick!!! Bless you and THANK YOU!!!! Take care -

Product Description
Place the Vent-D in your air vent. Any smelly odors coming thru the vents will be eliminated before blowing into your living space.

You get 5 pads to place in your vents. They are 4" wide and 14" long. You can customize them or cut them to fit your vent exactly.

Highly effective absorbing activated charcoal

Simple design- just place in your vents

Life span depends on use

Economical daily use

Custom sizes available- contact us.

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Flat-D Innovations truly manufactured an excellent product! Activated charcoal is well known for absorbing poisonous substances. Thanks to this product I vaguely and no longer smell my neighbors cigarette and other smoke coming into my bedrooms. I am about to order more filters for downstairs!! I definitely recommend this product. CF


This product does work. I live in apartments And smoke comes thru the heat/air vents I am very allergic to smoke. But I did have To double it I would give it 8 out of 10 It may need to be a little thicker.

Flat-D REPLY- We cannot make it thicker. But you may double it up inside the vent.

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